ZEUS Arcpod Triple Pack


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ZEUS Arcpod Triple Pack


Patented and designed for use with 3rd generation vaporisers such as the Zeus Arc GTS and Arc S, Zeus ArcPods make it easier and more convenient than ever to take your vaporiser and herb with you. No more packing on the go, just pop in and enjoy.

Even for home use, the ArcPods simplify the dry herb vaping process, minimising loading times and keeping your unit cleaner, drastically cutting down on cleaning.

Each ArcPod is reusable and constructed out of durable and energy efficient aluminum to facilitate rapid heat transfer from the heating chamber to the dry herb stored inside.They feature paper lids that make it easy to tell when your herb is finished.

Recommended for use with the Zeus Xtruder, the ArcPod automatically ejects from the Xtruder once completely filled with 0.3 grams of herb, ensuring a consistent amount of dry herb is loaded every time.

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