Stickybrick HydroBrick Vaporizer – Walnut

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Sticky Brick – The HydroBrick Vaporizer – Walnut

*includes whip with 18.8mm ground glass adapters !

Convection vaping may have just been turned on its head forever with the introduction of the HydroBrick Vaporizer brought to us from Sticky Brick manufacturers. Similar to the Original Brick Vaporizer, the HydroBrick Vape is designed to ensure that the thickest and most pure 100% true convection vapor is achieved on demand. The HydroBrick also comes equipped with a 18mm glass on glass connection which allows for compatibility with your preferred water tubes, whip style or any other 18mm accessory. The HydroBrick easily reaches the temperature needed for vaporization in seconds when using the included butane torch. The butane torch is used for maximum convenience as it reaches desired temperatures within seconds.

The HydroBrick, like all other Sticky Brick products, is handmade in North Carolina, USA. Sticky Brick are known for using top quality materials in the construction of their products and the HydroBrick is no different, constructed out of beautiful natural hardwood this vape is built to last a long time. Both sections of this vaporizer are held into place securely by magnets which leaves flush finish on your piece and also leads to a near effortless maintenance to keep your HydroBrick happy and healthy. The selection of this natural hardwood isn’t just for its aesthetically pleasing looks, it also helps to ensure the longevity of this vaporizer while also maintaining the high standard of vapor the Sticky Brick pride themselves on.

HydroBrick Vaporizer – Features

  • The HydroBrick Vaporizer comes equipped with top quality Simax Borosilicate glass which aids in the production of pure, quality vapor.
  • The HydroBrick Vape is a sleek and elegant piece which is perfect for using as a portable or home vaporizer.
  • Each brick is secured together by magnets – effortless maintenance

HydroBrick Vaporizer – Temperature Control

This is where the HydroBrick (and most of the StickyBrick collection) differ from a lot of other vaporizers on the market. Where the majority of vaporizers on the market today operate with a form of battery operated heating element, the HydroBrick Vaporizer on the other hand, uses a torch as its primary source of heat. (The butane torch is included with the HydroBrick Vape). With this kind of heating element there are many factors which come into play in order to get that perfect hit, such as: controlling how large the flame is on your torch, how far away the flame is from the intake tube, and also how fast the user draws from the vape. Once you have found a process that suits your vaping needs and produces vapor of a quality that you are happy with, the Sticky Brick HydroBrick Vaporizer will reach its full potential.

If it is a more light and less dense vapor you are looking to achieve then you have to use a smaller flame from the torch and/or hold the flame further away from the intake tube – this will create vapor that is not as dense or thick and you can take short, sharp draws for a fantastic vaping experience.

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HydroBrick Vaporizer – Vapor Quality

The HydroBrick Vaporizer has the fantastic ability to produce a lot of vapor with little to no effort. It is very easy to get the most satisfying hits and draws from the Sticky Brick Vape. Even experienced vapers have recommended the HydroBrick Vape as the sheer volume of vapor that you can produce can be found nearly no where else. The Vapor produced from the Sticky Brick HydroBrick vape is very smooth and pure and due to the very long vapor path found in this product – something no other vaporizer on the market can currently offer. This extended path does not harm the taste of your dry herbs, in fact this vaporizer does a very good job at giving you a true representation of the flavour of your dry herb materials.

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