PAX 3 Complete Herbal Vaporizer – Gold





PAX 3 Complete Herbal Vaporizer – Gold


Pax Labs have done it yet again! From the creators of the extremely popular Pax and Pax 2 Vaporizers come the brand new Pax 3.

The Pax 3 is a smart and versatile dry herb vaporizer. This is the first Pax generation to include an attachment for concentrates. Also, it comes with two herb chambers for different amounts. This way, even if there’s a limited amount of herb, it’s possible to get a nice, even vape session.

The Pax 3 vaporizer even has an app that allows the user to customize the preset temperatures to their liking. This feature gives the user maximum customization without overcomplicating the user interface. This unit is packed with features, but it still has that beautiful, minimalist design that Pax fans have come to love.


Using the Pax 3

You can vape dry herbs as well as concentrates with the Pax 3. Which makes it an ideal choice for people who want a diverse, intense experience. Although the vaporizer performs fairly well with concentrates, it excels when used for herbs.

Before using the Pax 3, it needs to be charged. Merely hold the Pax 3 face-up over the magnetic charging dock and watch it snap into place. It’s fully charged when all four of the LED leaves are glowing. The Pax 3 typically takes ninety minutes to charge, but the 3500mah battery makes the need to charge very infrequently. The average user should get nine or ten sessions in between charges.

Once the unit is filled, press down on the mouthpiece to turn on the Pax 3. Before the first pull, it’s a good idea to choose the desired preset temperature to get the perfect hit. Hold the power button for two seconds to enter temperature mode, and use short presses to cycle through the four temperature settings. If the preset options aren’t ideal, they can always be changed in the Pax 3 app.


Battery Life:

The battery life has been significantly upgraded and makes a massive difference to the portability aspects. The battery in the Pax 3 will support 8-10 vaping sessions, or around 110 mins of continuous use before the unit requires recharging. The unit will also fully charge from zero battery in an impressive 100 mins.


PAX 3 App Compatibility:

To pair the Pax 3, shake the device. When the unit is paired, the user will be prompted by the LED leaves turning blue.

The app offers a lot of functionality that the Pax 3  dry herb vaporizer doesn’t work on its own. In addition to customizing the preset temperatures, the user can choose different heating profiles. There are several heating profiles to choose from, so let’s briefly discuss them.


Pax 3 Portable Vaporizer Australia – Pros and Cons:


  • Exceptional vapor quality
  • Ready for use fast
  • Vibration and LED lights make it easy to use
  • Uses lip-sensing technology to adjust heating as you vape
  • A plethora of customization options via the smartphone app
  • Sleek and extremely portable design
  • Surprisingly large amount of vapor output from such a small device
  • Vapes concentrate
  • Fast charging and long battery life
  • Doesn’t become warm to the touch as many vaporizers do


  • Higher selling price than other portable vaporizers


Included with Pax 3 Complete Portable Vaporizer Australia:

  • 1 x PAX 3 Vaporizer
  • 2 x Interchangeable Mouthpieces (1 Flat, 1 Raised)
  • 2 x Magnetic Oven Lids (1 full pack, 1 half pack)
  • 1 x Maintenance Kit (10 x pipe cleaners, 1 x cleaning brush)
  • 3 x Replacement Screens
  • 1 x Concentrate Insert
  • 1 x Multi-Tool
  • 1 x USB Charging Dock
  • 1 x 3500 mAh Battery
  • 10-Year Warranty Protection
  • 1 x Storage Pouch
  • 1 x Instruction manual


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Why we love the Pax 3 Vaporizer AU:

The flavor of the PAX 3 is also remarkable as it is smooth and nice which is different from the harsh flavors of some vapes. It comes with several handy accessories which add to the experience. This includes: a maintenance kit, three extra screens, a concentrate inlet, a multi-tool, two extra mouthpieces, and two extra oven lids. That number of accessories alone makes it worth the $199 price point. The groundbreaking lip sensing technology from the original PAX vapes is also featured in the PAX 3. This is one of the highlights of the product.

Pax 3 has some built-in LED-based games, a feature that is not only superfluous but also annoying. It was a sheer hassle figuring out what the LED lights were saying. Therefore, I gave up on the games within 10 minutes. I didn’t need Simon on my cannabis vaporizer anyway.


PAX 3 final thoughts

The Pax 3 is one of the most premium herbs and concentrate vaporizers on the market, and anyone with the appropriate budget will be glad they invested in one. Even if it’s outside the given budget, it’s worth saving a little longer for. The ten-year warranty alone makes it a wise investment, and the device’s outstanding performance only makes this offer more appealing.


Note: This product is intended for aromatherapy purposes only.

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