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Sticky Brick Labs Vaporizer – OG Brick Cherry

The Brick Vaporizer is a unique, durable and all-natural vaporizer brought to us from the innovative team at Sticky Brick. The Brick Vape is a home/Portable Vaporizer that is capable of providing 100% pure convection vapor on demand. Ready to Vape whenever you are, the Brick Vape provides almost instant heating and thus instant vapor. One of the main positives to take from the Sticky Brick’s Brick Vape is that it is 100% homemade and is constructed from 100% natural hardwood materials, each one constructed out of North Carolina, USA. The Brick Vape is constructed from natural hardwood and this isn’t just for aesthetical purposes, the material was chosen to ensure quality vapor is delivered for many, many years. The Brick vape is a sturdy and robust vaporizer, if maintained to a high level then this Vaporizer could last a lifetime.

The Glass mouthpiece is made from high-quality Simax Borosilicate glass which helps to ensure that the most pure and smoothest vaping experience is achieved. The individual bricks that make up the vaporizer are held together securely by magnets which allows for accessibility to all users and the ability to maintain your vaporizer to a high standard almost effortlessly. The elegant formation of the bricks in combination with the instant performance and high quality vapor make this a must buy vaporizer for many!

Sticky Brick Vaporizer – Features

  • The Brick Vaporizer is an elegant piece and weighs in at a subtle 13 ounces, meaning it can be used as a portable vaporizer or a home unit.
  • Dimensions of the Brick Vaporizer – 3.75 inches x 3.75 inches x 1.81 inches
  • The draw stem of the Brick vape is 7 inches and the heating Stem 3 inches
  • Each brick is secured together by magnets – effortless maintenance

The Brick Vaporizer – Temperature Control

This is where the Brick Vape differs from a lot of other vaporizers on the market. Where the majority of vaporizers on the market today operate with a form of battery operated heating element, the Brick Vaporizer on the other hand, uses a torch as its primary source of heat. With this kind of heating element there are many factors which come into play in order to get that perfect hit, such as: controlling how large the flame is on your torch, how far away the flame is from the intake tube, and also how fast the user draws from the vape. Once you have found a process that suits your vaping needs and produces vapor of a quality that you are happy with, the Sticky Brick Brick Vaporizer will reach its full potential.

If it is a more light and less dense vapor you are looking to achieve then you have to use a smaller flame from the torch and/or hold the flame further away from the intake tube – this will create vapor that is not as dense or thick and you can take short, sharp draws for a fantastic vaping experience.

Included with the Brick Vaporizer – Sticky Brick

  • Pocket torch
  • Cork Plus x2
  • Custom tweezers with built in light
  • Sticky Brick Stirring Tool
  • Set of 5 replacement screens

The Brick Vaporizer – Sticky Brick – Vapor Quality

The Brick Vaporizer has the ability to produce a lot of vapor with little to no effort. It is very easy to get the most satisfying hits and draws from the Sticky Brick Vape. Even experienced vapers have recommended the Brick Vape as the sheer volume of vapor that you can produce can be found nearly no where else. The Vapor produced from the Sticky Brick vape is very smooth and pure and due to the very long vapor path found in this product – something no other vaporizer on the market can currently offer. This extended path does not harm the taste of your dry herbs, in fact this vaporizer does a very good job at giving you a true representation of the flavour of your dry herb materials.

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