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3x Mighty & Mighty+ Cooling Unit


Has the vapour from your Mighty vaporizer started to become uncomfortable warm? Or has the cooling unit been damaged or become extremely dirty? If so, then it is time to replace your Mighty’s cooling unit with a new one. Replacing the cooling unit is part of normal maintenance, particularly when the vapour is no longer aromatic or it has become hot, harsh, or bad tasting.

The Mighty vaporizer’s cooling unit has one primary purpose: it reduces the temperature of the vapour for a comfortable experience and improved aroma. When vapour is too hot, the experience is unpleasant and the full flavour of the vapour is masked. Because the Mighty has a short vapour path, the cooling unit is essential for ensuring that the vapour you inhale is appropriately cool and gentle on the throat.


Benefits of the Changing the Cooling Unit:

Replacing your Mighty’s cooling unit has a few primary benefits to consider. The benefits of a new cooling unit include:

  • Keeping your vapour path clean and hygienic
  • Improved efficiency when cooling the vapour
  • Improved aroma
  • Better flavour
  • Greater durability for the vaporizer


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A.R. (South Australia)
Great for sharing

During these times of public health issues I use the cooling unit for friends to use in doing so it gives me peace of mind in that it is insuring that keeps the nasty bug's away from each other I feel it's reassuring that you're not spreading germs around sounds to sensible to me.