IQ Glass Spacer Kit



IQ Glass Spacer Kit – 1 x 6mm and 1 x 10mm glass spacer


The IQ Glass Spacer is designed for use with your Davinci IQ Vaporizer. The Davinci Glass Spacer will allow you to pack smaller bowls and conserve more material. It’s well known now that conduction vaporizers like the Davinci IQ need to be fully packed with material in order to get maximum efficiency. This means that you can not pack half of a bowl for a smaller session while still getting good performance. Underpacked dry herbs chambers result in poor vapor production and inefficiency in your vaporizer. The Davinci Spacer is an all glass part that fits directly in to your dry herb chamber effectively occupying half the space, allowing you to pack less materials, while maintaining compression in the chamber for the best performance possible. If you own a Davinci IQ, you will definitely want to have this accessory to make the most of your herbs!

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R.C. (New South Wales)
Great accessory

Great little item

Iq2 spacers

They work great good 4 half packed bowls