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Hydrology9 by Cloudious9 is the worlds first water filtration vaporizer.

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Hydrology 9 Vaporizer by Cloudious 9

Painstaking attention to detail is the hallmark of the Cloudious9 product design philosophy. Everything from the mouthpiece to the bottom chamber cover is the result of countless revisions and optimization of user experience. Every shape and material used has its reason, and all of the reasons are aimed toward a brand new user experience.

Package Includes
  • Hydrology9 Vaporizer
  • AC Adapter & Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Kit Set

PLEASE NOTE: There is no AU version of this kit so the USB wall charger included has US pins. To charge this unit simply connective USB charge cable to any 5V USB charger like used for iPhone of from computer USB port.



Space grade anodized aluminum alloy body. Borosilicate Glass mouthpiece.
2000mAh lithium polymer battery (safe cell phone grade). Takes approximately 60 seconds to reach optimal heat.
Food grade porcelain chamber.
18 mm x 10 mm
45 mm x 175 mm
217mm X 130 mm X 70mm

Liquid Filtration Reinvented

“Creating a truly unique vaporizer required us to think completely outside the scope of existing vaporizers on the market and tackle brand new problems”

Allowing unobstructed flow of vapor while keeping the Hydrology9 leakproof is inherently a conflicting concept. Accomplishing both goals in a seamlessly integrated design was truly challenging. The ability to fuse all three requirements aesthetically into the Hydrology9 design is the heart of Hydrology9’s innovation. The results are a brand-new approach to liquid filtration, and the birth of our patent-pending “tunnel tube” liquid filtration design.

Mouthpiece & Magnetic Cover

“At the onset of the Hydrology9 project, our engineering team was determined to make the Hydrology9 mouthpiece an engineering masterpiece all by itself.”

We designed the mouthpiece using 1/4 inch thick Borosilicate glass, which provides the best combination of strength and clarity. It was designed to curve at the perfect angle to provide the most exceptional comfort and ease of cleaning. Completing the Hydrology9 portable liquid filtration experience is a perfectly positioned ball valve built inside the mouthpiece, which allows the Hydrology9 to be carried and turned in any direction without the fear of spillage.

Borosilicate Glass Body

“Hydrology9 was designed to fuse a modern design concept with past traditions, so integrating glasswork into Hydrology9 was essential to our entire product design concept.”

Nothing comes close to the familiarity of a crystal-clear glass piece when liquid filtration is involved. After numerous revisions and considerations, we were set on a minimalist cylinder design precisely shaped to prevent any liquid spillage while conforming to a grip easily.

Vaporization Experience

Featuring an 18mm by 10mm large, food-grade porcelain chamber with precise temperature control via microchip processor, Hydrology9 precisely monitors the oven temperature and makes adjustments within milliseconds to any change in oven temperature.

Even Heat Distribution

We implemented a patent-pending solution to a typical problem we see in today’s vaporizers: a built-in device that allows you to evenly and efficiently distribute heat. The stir was integrated with the bottom chamber cover, with the cover made of spacecraft-grade aluminum alloy and the stir itself made of heat resistant stainless steel.


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Cloudious 9

Its a great concept, looks just like smoking a bong but unfortunatly doesn't work well, you have to suck really hard and you dont get that much out of it, the second vershion looks a little better but the cost is high. dont buy this product if you want smoke becuase you wont get much...disapointing...poor batery life, leaks water when filling and when useing it goes in your mouth yuck...wish i could returne it!

Alex (New South Wales)
Meh at best

Poor battery life, no option to turn lights off, and a design that leaves you with water in your mouth means that I’d pass on this if given the option to do my time again.
A desperation back up

D.G. (New South Wales)

Love it, flavor is fantastic, pretty lights, easy clean, only down fall, battery does not last long

M. (New South Wales)

Best pipe i have ever owned no more coughing easy to use. Easy to clean
highly recomended
great to deal with
ask questions you get answers

S.H.(. (Queensland)
Hydrology9. Best vape ever.

Speedy shipping. Can't say enough about Ben, he was so helpful and had answers for all my questions. Have bought and will buy from again. Great work keep it up.

B. (New South Wales)
Great service

Quick response to query and great delivery time.

W.L. (New South Wales)
Good vape but took a while

Like the vape just wasn't happy with the time I received it all thanks for fixing everything up eventually