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Happyrasta’s Solo Toker Kit

*** please note the Solo is currently only available in Chrome (Silver) ***


All the gear you need to start enjoying your herbal vaping experience.

The Arizer Solo is a great veporizer that made a big impact on the market when it was released and is probably the key product that Arizer has built their reputation from.

Known for being well built and reliable, the Solo not only produces great vapor, but can also handle everyday use.

The Arizer Solo vaporiser is also extremely easy to use and requires very little maintenance.


Vape Accessories

The 65mm Grinderoo grinder is an awesomely well built grinder that gives the right grind to ensure you herbs are the perfect coarseness for vaping  – not to fine, not too chunky, just right!

Smokebuddy personal filters do an amazing job of capturing your vapor and removing odours. Simply exhale through the device and your vapour disappears – its that simple.


Solo Toker Kit includes:

1 x Arizer Solo (original) Vaporizer

1 x SmokeBuddy Tie Dye Personal Filter

1 x 65mm Grinderoo Grinder

3 x Smell proof bag 9 – 13 cm

1 x Smell proof bag 13 – 20 cm

2 x Boveda 62% 2 way Humidity Control



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