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*Vaporizers are intended for Aromatherapy purposes only


Happyrasta’s Herbal Toker Kit

All the gear you need to start enjoying your herbal vaping experience.

The Aura is the latest vaporizer creation from Flowermate.

Flowermate have a excellent reputation for providing affordable vaporisers that out-perform many of the more expensive rivals.

The Flowermate Aura lives up to this reputation and is the most affordable vaporiser that provides a full digital temperature readout and isolated vapor path.

Get started vaping with this awesome vaporiser and some cool accessories to help you along.


Vape Accessories

Smell proof bags ensure your tasty herbs retain maximum freshness and Boveda 2 way humidity control sachets make your herbs attain the absolute optimum moisture level.

Keeping your herb fresh (not over dry) and ground to the right consistency are important for may vaporizers to allow them to perform at their best.

65mm Grinderoo grinder is an awesomely well built grinder that gives the right grind to ensure you herbs are the perfect coarseness for vaping  – not to fine, not too chunky, just right!

Smokebuddy personal filters do an amazing job of capturing your vapor and removing odours. Simply exhale through the device and your vapour disappears – its that simple.


Lightning RastaKit includes

1 x Flowermate Aura Vaporizer

1 x SmokeBuddy Tie Dye Personal Filter

1 x 65mm Grinderoo Grinder

1 x Cannaline white smell proof bag 9 – 13 cm

1 x Grovers Sack Odor Proof Storage 13 – 20 cm

2 x Boveda 62% 2 way Humidity Control


Additional information

Weight.75 kg
Grinder Colour

Red, Pink, Gold, Purple, Blue, Green