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Flowermate Nano Vaporizer – Black


Introducing the Flowermate V5 Nano. Evolving from the Flowermate V5 Pro Mini, the V5 Nano is the latest in portable aromatherapy technology. Featuring a removable 18650 battery, the Nano puts the user in direct control of the longevity of the device. As before, this unit is perfect for on-the-go use with heat up time for the Nano as rapid as 30 seconds. The size of the unit makes it ultra-discreet and easy to conceal. Other key features include those found throughout the V5 series such as a borosilicate mouthpiece that can be disassembled and tucked into the actual device for easy storage and less smell, large chamber for single or group sessions, and fully isolated air path to ensure a clean and pure taste of the material being consumed.


  • Black Ceramic Chamber
  • Removable Battery
  • Travel Friendly Design
  • Full Temperature Control
  • Easy Load Funnel


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RT (New South Wales)
Gets the job done

This is only my second vape but it's head and shoulders above my old one. Big chamber keeps you going for ages. Really easy to select and set the temp to get the perfect vape. And the removable battery is a godsend, get a few spares and you'll never be out of juice. Definitely recommend the Flower Mate.

Best vape

On my second flower mate nano, I have used many other vapes but this beats em all hands down. The replaceable battery is awesome, great flavour, fast heat up time. Fantastic service from happy rasta. 10 out of 10

Marrianne M. (Victoria)
Love it

This is the 2nd Flowermate vape I’ve got. The first one eventually couldn’t be recharged, much to my dismay, so when I discovered that the Flowermate nano had a replaceable battery I was sold. I’ve had it a couple of weeks now & im really happy with it. It’s easy to use & even easier to take anywhere you want to go. I’m really pleased with it, I would highly recommend.

T. (Queensland)
Happy flower mate user

Great vape would recommend, every person who used mine wants to know where to buy also would recommend Happy Rasta as they have been given me great customer service in the past

M. (New South Wales)
Awesome Vape

If you're looking for an easy to clean, compact and easy to use vape, look no further. The big selling points for me are the mouth piece, the replaceable battery and the herb basket that all come with it. First of all, the mouthpiece is just a straight tube, which makes it really easy to clean. It's really the only part of the vape that gets a buildup of resin on it. All you need to do is wipe it down with some alcohol and its good to go again. The vape basket is a good way to make sure none of the herb touches the heating chamber. After many sessions of use, I can't tell the difference between brand new and recently cleaned. The basket stays clean too and it's made of stainless so you can just drop it in some alcohol to clean it. The replaceable battery means you have another 18650 charged, so if you plant to go away for a bit (i.e. camping) you can just keep a couple of spares. It's very reasonably priced for the quality of the product. I also own a starry x-max which is a good little unit too, but it is trickier to keep clean. Happy Rasta are also a great company to do business with. The shipping is fast and discreet. Really happy with the product and with the HR team.

N.W. (Queensland)

Fanatic product came befor it said it would ! 2nd vape I have gotten of them . I would fully endorse happyrasta as having great product and a great company

P.S. (South Australia)
Nano v5

Never been a fan of conduction vapes, but this one has changed my mind!!, unreal flavor and a good consistency of abv and vapor production make this a great device. Definitely a sipper not a Hoover. Wickedly portable and replaceable battery makes it a regular take out.