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Flip Brick Vaporizer by Sticky Brick Labs – Walnut


The new Flip Brick from Sticky Brick Labs is the latest addition to the Sticky Brick family and is both their most compact and their cheapest vaporizer to date. It uses exactly the same convection vaporization method as all the other Sticky Brick models, but it has been made much more compact thanks to it’s folding design.

The device consists of two main parts which are held together by two pairs of incredibly strong rare earth magnets. In one configuration the Flip Brick is neatly folded away in and ultra compact pakcage that is smaller than a packet of cigarettes. Simply click the two parts apart and flip one of them, then stick them back together in the other configuration and you have a ready to go analogue convection vape that will give amazing flavor and vapor with just a simple torch lighter.

The Flip Brick comes in a choice of three different woods, each of which adds subtle tones and differences to the flavors of your vape so choose your from the drop down menu above. The chamber is wood like the rest of the device and uses a steel mesh screen to filter the vapor coming through into your water pipe. It comes with both 18.8mm and 14.4mm male fittings meaning it will fit most bongs on the market with no extra parts needed.

It comes complete with spare screens, a steel stirring tool, the 14.4mm and 18.8mm adapters, a butane torch (supplied empty for shipping reasons) and an instruction manual.


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Customer Reviews

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S. (New South Wales)
Little beast

It looks good, it’s fun to use and very effective. I’m a convert. Already looking at my next brick! Watch the videos, practice and enjoy! It does take a few tries to get it right but it’s easy to clean so nothing to worry about. If you’re over combustion, this is a great replacement.

S.N. (New South Wales)
Awesome product

Does the job perfectly!
Once attached to a water piece the little beast is unbeatable.

You can make massive Vapor clouds with no coughing once you master the technique.

Bigger glass I found to be better for bigger hits

Seriously At this price it’s a great buy . This is my favourite from the range .

Thanks for the awesome customer service too !

I Recommend a 3 flame jet lighter for this .

Highly recommend

Kieren L. (Victoria)
Great vape!

Really enjoy putting this through my US TUBES circ perc water pipe. Cools the smoke enough to take very sizeable hits. Would definitely recommend!