Crafty & Mighty Glass Chamber Reducers



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Crafty & Mighty Glass Chamber Reducers


In the spirit of conservation and flavour enhancement, we’re proud to offer Crafty+/Mighty+ Glass Bowl Reducers. These pure glass Reducers allow you to retain the usual performance and flavour of your device while using substantially less flower.

The set includes as many as 2 chamber reducers with different internal diameter to offer 2 different levels of chamber reduction

Essentially, you can use the one to reduce the native bowl, or the second one to reduce it even further. This ensures you will be changing out your bowls more often, resulting in fresher hits with better overall flavour.

These Reducers are easy to use, just pop them in before you fill your bowl, and they’ll come out with gravity while debowling. The Reducer will be hot after use, so be careful!

Fits Storz & Bickel Mighty, Mighty+, Crafty & Crafty

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