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Hydrology 9 Vaporizer by Cloudious 9

Painstaking attention to detail is the hallmark of the Cloudious9 product design philosophy. Everything from the mouthpiece to the bottom chamber cover is the result of countless revisions and optimization of user experience. Every shape and material used has its reason, and all of the reasons are aimed toward a brand new user experience.

Package Includes
  • Hydrology9 Vaporizer
  • AC Adapter & Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Kit Set

PLEASE NOTE: There is no AU version of this kit so the USB wall charger included has US pins. To charge this unit simply connective USB charge cable to any 5V USB charger like used for iPhone of from computer USB port.



Space grade anodized aluminum alloy body. Borosilicate Glass mouthpiece.
2000mAh lithium polymer battery (safe cell phone grade). Takes approximately 60 seconds to reach optimal heat.
Food grade porcelain chamber.
18 mm x 10 mm
45 mm x 175 mm
217mm X 130 mm X 70mm

Liquid Filtration Reinvented

“Creating a truly unique vaporizer required us to think completely outside the scope of existing vaporizers on the market and tackle brand new problems”

Allowing unobstructed flow of vapor while keeping the Hydrology9 leakproof is inherently a conflicting concept. Accomplishing both goals in a seamlessly integrated design was truly challenging. The ability to fuse all three requirements aesthetically into the Hydrology9 design is the heart of Hydrology9’s innovation. The results are a brand-new approach to liquid filtration, and the birth of our patent-pending “tunnel tube” liquid filtration design.


Mouthpiece & Magnetic Cover

“At the onset of the Hydrology9 project, our engineering team was determined to make the Hydrology9 mouthpiece an engineering masterpiece all by itself.”

We designed the mouthpiece using 1/4 inch thick Borosilicate glass, which provides the best combination of strength and clarity. It was designed to curve at the perfect angle to provide the most exceptional comfort and ease of cleaning. Completing the Hydrology9 portable liquid filtration experience is a perfectly positioned ball valve built inside the mouthpiece, which allows the Hydrology9 to be carried and turned in any direction without the fear of spillage.

Borosilicate Glass Body

“Hydrology9 was designed to fuse a modern design concept with past traditions, so integrating glasswork into Hydrology9 was essential to our entire product design concept.”

Nothing comes close to the familiarity of a crystal-clear glass piece when liquid filtration is involved. After numerous revisions and considerations, we were set on a minimalist cylinder design precisely shaped to prevent any liquid spillage while conforming to a grip easily.


Vaporization Experience

Featuring an 18mm by 10mm large, food-grade porcelain chamber with precise temperature control via microchip processor, Hydrology9 precisely monitors the oven temperature and makes adjustments within milliseconds to any change in oven temperature.

Even Heat Distribution

We implemented a patent-pending solution to a typical problem we see in today’s vaporizers: a built-in device that allows you to evenly and efficiently distribute heat. The stir was integrated with the bottom chamber cover, with the cover made of spacecraft-grade aluminum alloy and the stir itself made of heat resistant stainless steel.


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Customer Reviews

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J.O. (Queensland)
Hydrology 9

Very happy, doesn't replace the original, if you're used to that and are looking for that same feel.
Does help moving away from it , gradually.
The only pain, is turning it upside down to load. I would have got the VX , had I known it loads differently. You get used to it.
Overall, GREAT!

d. (Victoria)
Hydrology 9

Hi Ben,
I tried to leave a review but it only took me to the order site, plus my review isn’t that good
The one and only good thing I have to say about this vap is it’s a clean easy hit.
I have been indulging in dry herb since I was 13 and thought a new Vaporizer for my 70th was perfect. Being discreet is high on my list and I find this unit to be anything but!! All the lights you can’t hide, recharging is a nightmare. The red or green lights up a room at night. Not sure I can explain the un earthly glow coming from my house. Cleaning the stupid little holes in the bottom of the chamber is hard to see at my age. The glass chamber mouth piece has leaked since first use, tipping is quite messy. I like to vap laying down but nope have to sit up or it leaks.
Because it leaks the piece water leaves a residue i switched to just water which is less messy.
The leather case is beautiful but unfortunately I won’t be taking this Vaporizer anywhere because it’s too much hassle to use. I have used it about 4 times and really thought it’s just not worth the effort. This is supposed to be fun, easy and enjoyable.
I have been using an arizor solo for 13 years. When the rubber ring wore out a few years ago I bought the arizer solo 2 but after a few months it put up an error. The company I was dealing with were not helpful, told me to contact Canada!! That Vaporizer is in a drawer. So it’s back to the old solo that only charges when laying in a certain position.
Sorry but not a happy camper.


P.H. (Queensland)

Works great and a really crisp clean taste

D.V. (Queensland)
Best portable Water Vape Ever

The Hydrology 9 is the bomb if you want a smooth experience without coughing up a lung. If you have any sort of respiratory issues, like asthma in my case and want an alternative to edibles and oils, this is the portable for you. Just like taking a breath of THC & CBD filled air. Not harsh at all. In fact some hits you don't even realise till you feel that effect. Perhaps this is not for the heavy vaper that wants to feel those big clouds but if you're looking for a quick smooth hit or two to help out when you're out and about, this is well worth the pricetag.

A.A. (South Australia)
Great water filtration vap with some cons

So, I've been using "plenty" made by storz and bickel for at least 4 years. I'm also a heavy herb smoker as I smoke in a daily basis plus I consider my tolerance to be high as well. So, when I heard that cloudious9 released the hydrology9 I couldn't not buy it!

I'll start off by covering the cons first because there isn't many.

Battery life - hydrology9 is able to last up to 12 -15 sessions depending on use as there is 5 temperature settings. Each session last around 5-6 mins and I tested on the orange temperature (3rd heat setting) and got 5 sessions in a span of 1 hour and 12 minutes. The problem I have is the charging time. It can take as long as 2 - 3 hours to charge. If you are moving from a battery operated vap you might be okay with this (or used to it) but coming off the plenty which is powered by cable the wait can be a little strenuous. *while my hydrology9 chargers I use my plenty*

Regular chamber cleaning - one thing I'm getting used to with the hydrology9 is that the bottom chamber cover needs to be cleaned before replacing herbs in the heating chamber because resin builds up there really quickly and I've noticed if left It will affect the airflow of your session. Apart from the chamber, cleaning the rest of the vap is easy as long as you follow the maintenance guide.

Now, if you are someone that smokes herbs in a bong this is a vap you 'could' get used to. But don't expect it to take you off a bong unless you strictly use the hydrology9 over your other preferences. This is just something I picked up on with my plenty. At first I thought it's too weak in strength and I'd rather a proper hit from a bong but after the 4 years I only vap now.

Finally, I've gone through all the cons I can see personally and on to the pros.
I won't get into much detail because some of these points are just easy to see :D

Great size - it just fits perfectly in my hand and it comfortable.

It looks so slick - almost like if Apple made vaps

Smoothing and great tasting - when I first got this I immediately set up the chamber and lit her up. The first go was So amazing because it's so smooth you hardly feel the smoke at the back of your throat which is great for people that have sensitive throats (like I do)

Even heating - my favourite part of the hydrology9 is the bottom stir in the bottom chamber cover. Just a quick twist and it moves your herbs around making sure it evenly heats it.

Cleaning kit - not a lot of vaps give you much in the way of cleaning tools but the hydrology9 comes with everything you need from a long brush to a sharp poking stick to clean the hard to get areas like the air intake and interior air duct.

It's a really good high quality vaporizer which I'm still moving over to. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants that water filtration and anyone that is just looking to change the way they smoke. If the battery life was stronger it would most definitely surpass the plenty.