Chube Silicone Stash Grinder – Blue


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Chube Silicone Stash Grinder – Blue


Meet the evolution of the herb grinder – Chewy presents the CHUBE!

This will revolutionise the way you grind your herb!

The patented new grinding technology makes it simple. The tough silicone Chube has non-stick silicone teeth, enabling you to grind your dried herbs in seconds, by simply rolling it between your hands!

Not only that, but it’s airtight, water resistant and smell proof – and doesn’t even look sus!

The airtight silicone lid seals the Chube, keeping your herbs safe, fresh and ready to use, while also locking in the smell – perfect for stashing your goodies inside.

You might be wondering… what’s the little side fin for? Not only does it make your grinder look like a rocket, but it also stops your Chube from rolling away! The durable silicone is just about unbreakable, making this a take anywhere, use anywhere, all round kick ass grinder.

Pack it and pocket it, take it to the beach, chuck it in your backpack, chuck it at your mate. The possibilities are endless!


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