Boundless Vexil Dry Herb Vaporizer (NEW!)



The VEXIL is a Compact & Powerful new vaporizer from Boundless.

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Boundless VEXIL Dry Herb Vaporizer Australia


Pocket Sized Vaporization

Built for portability and reliability, the Vexil features a metal casing and non-combustion heating technology to ensure you get the most out of your product. The Vexil was created with both affordability and versatility in mind making it the perfect herbal vaporizer for any consumer.

The Vexil offers both portability and four easy-to-use preset features for your convenience. Whether you’re a long-time herbal vaporizer connoisseur or someone just looking to get started, the Vexil is for you. The bowl holds up to .5g of herb so it’s the perfect fit for any at-home sesh or adventure. The Vexil is also great if you’re looking for a more portable device to add to your CFX and Tera collection.

The Vexil is a palm-sized unit making it discreet and easy to consume whether you’re at home or on the go. The sleek and smooth exterior helps keep it cool and compact for any adventure along with the Zirconia spiral cooling airpath for extra smooth hits. The Vexil also comes in two colours black and teal to fit your style.


  • Select from 4 preset temperatures
  • Zirconia spiral cooling airpath
  • Strong magnetic connection for a secure mouthpiece
  • Constructed from high grade materials

Conduction for Herbs?

The Vexil has four options available, making it easy to vaporize your herb of choice. With the zirconia spiral cooling airpath for super clean hits. The Vexil offers the ability to choose four different temperatures for any of your preferences. Check out our video on how to clean the Vexil, so you’re vape is always ready to go!


Packed Full of Features

A vaporizer this affordable with so much functionality is in a league of its own.

Stealth Mode

Stealth mode enables the user to use the Vexil with the lights off. Hold all 3 buttons for 3 seconds and the heater will stay on with the lights off.

Dialed In Preset Temps

Enjoy a variety of effects from four different temperature options. Temp settings that start at 377ºF (192ºC) and go up to 437ºF (225ºC).

Heater Control

Need to cut off the heat during a session? The Vexil features heater control to save battery life from having to turn the unit on and off.


Product Specs:

Dimensions:108mm x 45mm x 20mm
Temperature Levels:377ºF (192ºC), 399ºF (204ºC), 413ºF (212ºC) & 437ºF (225ºC)
Battery:1800mAh, 3.7V
Sessions Per Charge:6 sessions average
Chamber Material:Ceramic
Heating System:Conduction
Warranty:3-year manufacturer warranty 90-day warranty on the battery.
User Manual:Boundless Vexil User Manual



  • Vexil Vaporizer
  • Cleaning Brush
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Mouthpiece Screens (x2)
  • User Manual


Boundless VEXIL video Review:


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
S.R. (Victoria)

I agree with previous comments (J.r.)
Works well when you get the hang of starting the device. Can get hot around the mouthpiece.
Not knowing level of battery charge left is a negative.

T. (Tasmania)
Good vape

The vexil works great, Smooth, easy to use, easy to clean, small size is great for pockets, it’s inconspicuous (looks like a remote for something not a vape).
I’m very happy I brought it, it doesn’t disappoint!

J.r. (New South Wales)

Works well took a few times to get the hang of it
One tip - chop it up for better burn unlike others I’ve used
Can go 5 stars because I can’t find or know if it’s available
There no battery gage to know how much power is left etc

D. (New South Wales)
Works Great

Overall happy with the vape. It does what its designed to do. Easy cleaning, slim profile (good for pocket). A charging dock would be useful as the vape is curved and scuffs on the high point from placing down after a while.
I travelled and liked how descret the vape can be as it does fit nicely in the palm. It's my first herb vape and i'm impressed

Anonymous (Queensland)
Awesome Machine

What a little pocket rocket, I have 2 other boundless CFX's as daily drivers, but this little one has just replaced one of them .

M. (New South Wales)
Pocket rocket

Very happy with this purchase! Small enough to hide it from the kids, but powerful enough to do the job.
I use it on the highest heat, but I find it doesn't produce very much smoke. Gets you hella ripped though. Would recommend.

S. (Tasmania)
So happy

I have been using this Vape for 4 days solid & I totally love it.
I’m a lower heat type of user & I get superb flavour & big vape plume. It’s got a great feeling in your hand, solid & sturdy. Simple to clean up.
Best of all no burnt tongue.