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Arizer Solo Vaporizer


In many ways this is just as good as the new Solo II but at only a fraction the cost – these original Solo are still great vaporisers and now also a real bargain to buy.

Looking for an advanced portable vaporizer that stands above the rest? Look no further, the Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer is right here. Manufactured in Canada by Arizer, the Solo has come onto the vaping market and achieved a reputation for reliability and high performance. This vaporizer is a stand out in it’s price range.


Arizer Solo Vaporizer – Design

The Arizer Solo comes equipped with a strong heating element and a borosilicate glass draw stem; both of these components allow users to receive the the purest and most flavorful vapor as possible.

The Arizer Solo portable vaporizer also has an LED temperature control system which allows the user to adjust temperature easily.

The Solo is a compact and sleek device which allows the user to take this vaporizer anywhere at anytime. The design of this vape is slick and modern however all the while keeping it compact, so not only does it look great but its mobile enough to fit inside your pocket.


Arizer Solo Vape – New Technology

The Arizer Solo portable vaporizer does not use butane or alkaline batteries, it features a high quality lithium ion battery that is capable of providing over 3 hours of vape time. No other portable vaporizer can compare to this battery time.

Also, this vaporizer features an LED temperature control system. This temperature system allows users to manually adjust their desired vaporizing temperatures. The Arizer Solo is a very easy vaporizer to operate and can reach vaporizing temperatures in just 2 minutes.

Many other vaporizers use plastic of vinyl tubing in their heat chambers, which is not appealing to some vapers, however the Solo utilizes a high quality borosilicate glass which allows for a genuinely clean vapor production. This will allow the user to really taste the vapor which is created from your aromatherapy blends.

Another feature of the Arizer Solo is the extra-wide aromatherapy chamber. A lot of other vaporizers have a relatively small blend chamber, which can restrict the air flow and thus the amount of vapor being inhaled by the user. The Arizer Solo bypasses this problem by allowing more hot air to pass over the aromatherapy blend, thus guaranteeing a more robust and flavorful vape.

The Arizer Solo portable vaporizer also comes with a Lifetime warranty which will cover any defect relating to the heating element.


Newest Model of the Arizer Solo Vaporizer

Any vaporizer which has a model number that starts with M1T or later, has an upgraded battery/charger system which will allow the user to simultaneously use the vaporizer while it is charging. The Arizer Solo (newest model) uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which is calibrated in order to provide up to 3 hours of constant use on a single charge. The new model features a ceramic heating element combined with a stainless steel cover, these materials will guarantee efficient vaporization and top notch vapor from dry blends mix.

Pros and Cons to the Arizer Solo Vaporizer


  • The Arizer Solo is highly customizable with a wide range of temperature settings available (total of seven heat settings).
  • The vapor path is made from all glass which keeps impurities out of the vapor allowing for great taste.
  • The LED system is used as an indicator which will let you know what your battery situation is and if there is enough power left for a session.
  • Much improved airflow in the newest models. The airflow has been improved significantly in the newest models which allows for an easier draw.
  • The Arizer Solo comes with a lifetime warranty. The Solo is a solid and very structurally sound built device. So much so that the manufacturers, Arizer, offer a full lifetime warranty.


  • The Arizer Solo has a lot of glass pieces so you have to be careful in order not to break it
  • The Solo can become very hot to touch after significant use time, therefore it is best it you allow ample cooling time before refilling and/or cleaning
  • The Arizer Solo comes in two separate pieces. With portable vaporizers that comes in parts like the Arizer Solo you really have to be careful. Extra pieces can be really tricky to keep up with while on the go and it doesn ‘t help that one of them happens to be glass.


Arizer Solo Review:


Included with the Arizer Solo portable vaporizer:

  • 1 x Arizer Solo Vaporizer
  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • 1 x Potpourri Dish
  • 2 x Diffusing Tubes (Straight & Curved)
  • 1 x Aromatherapy Sample
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Plug Adapter


Arizer Solo Vaporizer – Performance

The battery life of the Arizer Solo is very good and should last you for about an hour when fully charged. Not the best in comparison to other portable dry herb vaporizers on the market, however the performance and vapor quality produced make up for this. Most people will not face any problems with their Arizer Solo Vape as it is a very durable and efficient vaporizer. As it has been on the market for several years now we can attest to this. Arizer have shown that they are listening to their fanbase has they have continually updated and improved on their products as we can see with the Arizer Air.


Arizer Air – Vapor Quality

The Arizer Solo is capable of producing some top notch vapor quality. The Solo vape can vaporize your dry herbs very efficiently, without burning and without diminishing the taste of your bud. You will not have to worry about the bad taste of burning plastic with this vaporizer.


How the Arizer Solo portable vaporizer works

What we would recommend to anyone who has purchased the Arizer Solo, is that you charge it up completely before use. For the Solo to reach full charge, it needs to be charging for at least 4 hours. When the Solo has been fully charged, it is a simple case of grinding down your herbs/aromatherapy mix and put them into the heating chamber at the base of the glass stem. Next up, decide which heat setting you would like (the Solo heats up in less than 2 minutes and users have a choice of temperature settings between 122-410 Farenheit). When the vaporizer has reached the desired temperature the LED light will turn green, signalling that it is ready. Once the light is green, hold the Solo with the heating element facing downwards and then attach the unit to the base of the draw stem; then flip the entire unit right way up. Now the Solo is ready for you to begin your session! Once you have finished vaping turn the unit upside down again, turn the vaporizer off and remove glass draw stem.

The Arizer Solo has a battery preservation feature – an Automatic Shut-Off feature that will kick in after 12 minutes. This feature also helps to safeguard the ceramic heating element for future use.


How to clean and maintain your Solo Vaporizer

The Arizer Solo is very user-friendly and does not require a whole lot of maintenance. Once the user has finished up a vapor session, we would recommend that the user removes the glass draw stem and clean out any material/aromatherapy blends that may have escaped your session and fallen into the heating chamber. We would also recommend the glass stem be soaked in glass cleaner in order to remove any residue.

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