14mm Mouthpiece Bubbler Tool (on sale!)


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Vaporizer Mouthpiece 14mm Bubbler Tool

Keep you vape super cool with this awesome bubbler tool. Connects to any 14mm male ground glass attachment adapter. The Bubbler Tool has a 14mm female joint, so it will work directly with any standard glass adapters. The vapour is much cooler and very satisfying when you using a tool like this.  A great solution for portable use, or at home.

Key Features:

  • provides substantial cooling and filtration to your favourite vaporizer
  • stands approximately 5″ tall
  • popular 14mm female joint
  • spill resistant (not spill proof) design helps to minimise mess
  • use with any vaporizer adapter that features a 14mm male joint
  • the piece feels substantial without being too bulky

How to fill the water bubbler:

The bubbler is very easy to fill – just fill your bubbler from the top with ample water. The water will automatically drain through the bottom and leave the desired water level behind and the bubbler ready to use.

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Customer Reviews

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M. (New South Wales)
My throat is sooo much better, thanks

My throat is sooo much better, thanks


Excellent at what it's designed for.. .

Only bad is that it is *IMO* a little bulky to be classed as portable ( 🤔 maybe if it had a safety neck strap/lanyard, silicone cover¿ )

B.R. (Victoria)
Great addition to my vaping journey

Received the bubbler quickly. Was way bigger than I expected, but in a good way. It's sturdy, & well made. It will sit upright on a table. Filling it is easy & simple. It self regulates the level. It actually needs very little water. One thing i was worried about is if you tip it slightly that it might leak, but it doesn't. Anywho, whacked it into the adaptor I bought for my flowermate vape. Started sucking away, got a tiny little bubble of water in my mouth until i learnt how "hard" to suck. Then it just slowly bubbles away. My first time using it, it actually filtered out all of the heat & all of the flavour. To the point where I didn't think it was working. I thought I was just sucking air & the adaptor wasn't sealing properly. So I basically continually sucked on it for the whole time my vape stays alive before it times out. Half an hour later I was high off my balls. & that's how I learnt it worked. Next round, I turned the vape up a bit hotter than I like it without a bubbler, & I still didn't feel the heat, but the vape was thicker. All in all, I think it's a terrific buy the price. Originally I started looking at something because the mouth piece that comes with the v5 Nano Flowermate vape gets really hot. This takes that away, plus takes away any harshness from the particular strain I'm vaping & allows me to run the vape at a higher temperature; plus - It's a bit a fun! Highly recommend

R. (Victoria)

Received chipped, began to leak in under a week. Paid for warranty with shipping. When contacted company about problem they did not offer replacement. Won't be shopping here again. Very disappointed

D.M. (New South Wales)

Great little attachment to cool & filter vapour from vaporiser, well worth it